What’s happend !

Life… It’s not going well, especially this year! Searching for a new job — > Not found yet… But I got back to little work, that’s nice for me 🙂 

So, I was using one theme in wordpress but it’s not starting to work well:( I have to change my theme. Right now looks like mess up my site. .. Hopefully my website will get back again 🙂  

Get up stand up

How many days  I’m thinking of writing my blog more than more. I’m interested to read worldwide news from some different kinds of countries, for sure my country Japan, I must try to read more english news to level up my english and my second country from Finland. Just I call it my second country, because I have already been living here over 10 years. 

Just funny things, how news is different and what kind of news coming, and how is different |д゚)

By the way, I’m looking for my professional job for many months this year. But I give up right now 😀  Start to get some work, what possibility to develop my skills, for example my languages skill and professional job too. 

I read many finnish languages everyday! I think I like to study, but I need to find an objective for study. I mean if I study by myself. I’m  really confuse 🙁 I think I had many months on this year.. 


Sometimes it’s hard to change objectives in life. But people have to understand some situations, what is best changing for a better reality life. Sometimes I can’t do what I want. That’s why I try to get up and stand up

Get up, stand up, for your right

Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight

YEAH! \(^o^)/

August 2020

In Finland staring to change ready for Autumn. Getting cold and raining almost everyday right now.

I was doing a lot of things, for example starting to training modeling, search for training job with employment security office and move my apartment with kids. It has been super busy 😮 But busy is good and better than nothing.

Right now I start own time just one week before back my kids to here.

How I can do for step up for my life?

Education in Finland

I graduate software development from Helsinki Business College by finnish language 2017. Also I’ve been Bootcamp courses for software development in Espoo 2019 by Saranen Consulting Oy. It was full-stuck education in 3 months.  Now I’m continue for making web site and making own blog. That’s why I choose wordpress.

I learned different kind of website building by dreamweaver, bootstrap and wordpress in Helsinki Business College. Also learned Unity for making games too.  My final work of student time was made all website by wordpress for my friend cafe even close the shop. Finally I got software development.  Yeah! 😀

Next education was Microsoft style for making website and making software in Saranen Consulting Oy. This time I used to Visual Studio. For example, C#, SQL, .NET Frameworks, React, GitHub, HTTP and API.  

To be continue my studying 🙂

No give up! Just live up 😀


I start studying again github from one and half years ago. It’s not easy for me. Because in software development school used Dreamweaver usually and visual studio used for Unity by C# then. When software development Bootcamp is very intensive school to me. But I tried best for learning. I translated Finnish language to Japanese textbook a lot and first time use visual studio and learned github also.

Now I tried again to learn github.

Command Prompt.

Now I can make my portfolio to Github 😀

Beautiful Helsinki

I’m living in Finland over 10 years and getting many different kind of experience also new views. Starting to think what I love in Finland, art nature coffee and people.

#Helsinki, #Beautifulhelsinki,

Chili Life

May 18, 2020

This is my Chili baby, inside has to be over 25 seeds growing. The Chili tree started grow 2017 and the tree is over than me, maybe 185 cm? Now I have 11 chilies on the tree and few dried red chili trying to grow to chili baby 😀

May 17, 2020

Little things maykes me really happy and get excited to see the chili babys future!! Realy good vibes =)

Also my experience is working florist over two years in Japan and We was working very hard. 5 – 6 days worikng and sometimes we worked like 12 hours in day. The counpany has contract with 6 – 7 super markets. That’s why I drived Toyota Hiace Van Long DX always and we had wedding flower arrangement also funeral and contract with TV company too. It’s quite famous in Yamanashi purefucture flower coumpany. It was really good experience and really good for my hobby.

new babys
New babys – Monday, May 18, 2020

Right now, 25 babys are growing very well.

May 17, 2020
May 18, 2020