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Websites must take HTTPS from HTTP especially having webshop and blog. WordPress is easy to make websites and checks website situations. I’d like to make my blog using a wordpress system. Because easy 😀 

Anyway HTTPS is very important for security and encrypting the data. My website’s situation didn’t change yet 😮  When changing HTTPS from HTTP, have to get an SSL ( Secure Sockets Layer, or TLS Transfer Layer Security ) certificate.

SSL getting a solution is three options. If already have a cpanel, could be found in the security category. Next options could be asked from the hosting provider after purchered SSL certificate. Third options are supplied! Possibility to get by free! The free oppering by the Let’s Encrypt. But it requires coding knowledge and server system knowledge. 

Interesting to study how to get free SSL. But I do it by cpanel. SSL certificate is not difficult. Just takes time. First step have to make CSR ( Certificate Signing Requests ) by security category in cpanel.  


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