Different night sometimes

Sometimes I can’t sleep easy… 🙁 I don’t wanna overthink. Just waiting tired myself and going to sleep. It’s really bowling and terrible !

Sometimes I read how to sleep when difficult to get to sleep. Better not too serious and hurry up to get to sleep and do something. So better wake up a little while even. So I start creating to by myself for my future:D Little bit wrong time, but anyway nice to do something for myself. Anyway coming good feels better than just waiting for sleep. 

I always try to keep positive even when I am having negative moments 🙂 Always good to try better than better and positive moods. Give some good vibes to the people, give away mad and negative minds and help for each other if someone has mad and negative minds. Sometimes good to forget bad things and good to remember good things a lot.

So better remember good things only 😀 But why feels good? Because felt bad. People can’t keep good always. That’s why people can’t be alone, especially when they are in a bad mood. People are helpful and not lonely. But people could be alone by themselves. Lonely is not good but alone is sometimes necessary. Because people could think undisturbed by themselves.

Technology also helping me 😀 For example google 😀  I found good service in google docs for my english. I used to google documents for my blog sentence. Usually I write first google documents and learn english first and then update my blog. It’s good for grammar, sentences and typing mistakes.

Might have an AI system ? _? It’s good to search what it is 🙂

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