Get up stand up

How many days  I’m thinking of writing my blog more than more. I’m interested to read worldwide news from some different kinds of countries, for sure my country Japan, I must try to read more english news to level up my english and my second country from Finland. Just I call it my second country, because I have already been living here over 10 years. 

Just funny things, how news is different and what kind of news coming, and how is different |д゚)

By the way, I’m looking for my professional job for many months this year. But I give up right now 😀  Start to get some work, what possibility to develop my skills, for example my languages skill and professional job too. 

I read many finnish languages everyday! I think I like to study, but I need to find an objective for study. I mean if I study by myself. I’m  really confuse 🙁 I think I had many months on this year.. 


Sometimes it’s hard to change objectives in life. But people have to understand some situations, what is best changing for a better reality life. Sometimes I can’t do what I want. That’s why I try to get up and stand up

Get up, stand up, for your right

Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight

YEAH! \(^o^)/

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