Talk about Coronavirus

I’m working in Muji Finland Oy part of restaurant for waitress. But now is Coronavirus ( COVID-19 ), I being dismissal until end of May 2020. Corona pandemic makes everyone confuse in the life. We have to think about in the future, how to protect health and nature as well. I was talk with my sun about Corona pandemic, seems like Black Death. I really hope it not bad that much.

So, for sure everyone have to stuck inside and think what to do. I’m doing home exercise, taking care my plants, cleaning a lot and do something with my son’s.

I like to read news as usually, finnish news, not really often english news and usually japanese news. I hope everything start to working well with Coronavirus. From Finland hear American news a lot and bussiness news as well.

I really interesting save for all nature. For example, ozone layer Australia and Finland ozone layer started open many years ago. I still remember 1990, Australian ozone layer started open. Now Finland ozone layer also opened. Few days ago weather news told better to protect the skin.

I’m thinking how we start to living for the future. I have son, that’s why I can think about new generation. We don’t need worry about the nature. But after generation and generation could be really serious problem.